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As you get older, many people start to think about creating a will. However, many people are not clear on what a will is and why you should have one. It’s important that you investing your will options and when you are ready, look for a professional wills lawyer in Calgary to help you create a will.

What is a Will?

A will is a legal document that outlines your wishes for the distribution of your property and assets. If you do not have will, your loved ones may not receive your assets you leave to them once you pass. To ensure your wishes are carried out to your specifications, it is important to get it in writing and created the proper way. This is why you should consider a wills lawyer in Calgary to ensure everything is done by the book.

There are a number of types of wills to consider, including testamentary will, self-proving will, holographic will, oral will and living will. When you choose to work with Dukart Law Firm, we can help you identify the will that makes sense for your specific needs and situation.

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Why Should I Make a Will?

While you may be tempted to use a will kit or other quick solutions, it’s in your best interests to have a wills lawyer in Calgary prepare a will for you. When you choose a lawyer, you ensure a proper legal will be created and your wishes will be respected. The truth is that if you use alternative options such as a will kit, you could make a mistake, improperly fill out information, or misinterpret what is expected of you. This could cause you a great deal of inconvenience to our estate once you pass. Give us a call anytime to ask questions about your will options. We can help you get the legal will you need.

Our Wills Services

We offer all the will writing services you need to ensure your assets are properly allocated, including the follow:

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Why Choose Us When You Need a Wills Lawyer in Calgary

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Want to learn more about your options for writing a will? A wills lawyer in Calgary is your best option. Give us a call anytime to set up a consultation and discuss your needs. We will help you make sure you assets you to the right people.

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